Morro Bay 2006 Update
Date: Saturday, September 02 @ 10:43:11 EDT
Topic: Rally News

Hey all,

OK, so I forgot my address if anyone wants to send rally funds beforehand,

Here it is:

Mark Miller
250 N.Reese Pl.

Phone (818) 841-2546 If any questions. If not, just make sure to see me at the rally Fri.nite with $22. Thanx!
Pizza @ Pizza Port is a long-standing tradition there.

BBQ and tables/chairs rental deal has been done as of today, all is in place...... Just need everyone to get there safe!

For those who ride their CBX to the meet, Louis Mintrone of has donated t-shirts to those who brave the elements on their faithful CBX of so many years and good times!

My wife Donna is working on getting the wine tasting limo trip set up, along with Susan Llewellyn, for those ladies who want to take a tour of the wine country in the area via limo..... The more the merrier! See Donna at the rally Fri. afternoon, or call us at home here for more info.

Be advised that the Econolodge South (formerly known as the Keystone Inn) is sold out for the rally weekend, good job to all!

Here's some overflow listings if need be:

I will look into a keg of suds for those who drink....... And Eric S. left his Yukon Jack bottle at Carson City ---- We'll have to finish that for him....... LOL!!!!

Ride safe & keep the rubber side down!

 --------------Mark Miller

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