Piggy Back Shocks Soon To Be Available
Date: Tuesday, September 19 @ 17:19:55 EDT
Topic: Announcements

As many of you may already know I am very active over at http://www.cb1100f.net
and have started taking preliminary orders for the piggyback shocks over there. Here is a picture of the final product.

They are firmer than stock and offer a 24 month warranty. They are 15 inches from eye to eye which will provide a more spirited (fun) riding experience than the 14.25 inch length. We are currently asking for your info to be emailed so that I can calculate your shipping. The shocks are $200 plus applicable shipping.

Please provide your detailed address and full name. Please send it here: e-vipex@hotmail.com

I will calculate your shipping cost and email you back. That may take a day or so. Once we have 40 prepaid orders I will order them from the manufacturer. I will provide you with my address and phone number. Once the first order of 40 is complete I will provide a better system for the next batch. That means the manufacturer will provide us with a net 30 days so I will be able to obtain an order from the factory without paying up front. Here is the link for the topic over at cb1100f.net >HERE I am firemun59 over there as well.

These have been road tested and are very sweet....you will not be disappointed.......... 8)

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