Mike Nixon's CBX Maintenance Booklets
Date: Saturday, September 23 @ 16:12:04 EDT
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Mike Nixon's CBX Maintenance Booklets

Veteran factory trained technician Mike Nixon has written an excellent series of booklets that walk you step by step through troubleshooting and repair procedures for some of the more common problems associated with the care and feeding of your CBX. The booklets have been receiving positive reviews from CBXers around the world and are worth checking out.

The CBX carburetor booklet takes the reader step by step in disassembling, cleaning, reassembling and adjusting a set of Honda CBX six-cylinder carburetors. Highlights include detail about the various circuits, and how to eliminate the troublesome air cut valve. Proper float level adjustment, avoiding common pitfalls, and even how to blueprint the accelerator pump - tutorials such as these make even the beginner a carburetor expert.

The CBX valve adjustment booklet reveals how to use the factory shim tools, how to do the job without having a box full of valve shims, and even the adjustment of the often troublesome cam chains. Also included are line drawings of critical areas, so that the reader gains the confidence the first time out to do an excellent job.

The CBX charging booklet offers a close-up look at testing the CBX charging system. The reader is instructed in testing for bad wires and connectors, and checking common failure points in the system such as the rotor and brushes. The simple yet instructive diagrams, and an easy-to-follow troubleshooting flowchart help take the anxiety out of troubleshooting the CBX charging system.

The CBX shock booklet demonstrates how to remove and replace the Pro-Link shock's seal, and correctly change the shock damping fluid. Also included is how to adjust the damping fluid level to suit your conditions. Get the booklet and gain the confidence to not only do the job but do it right.

Finally, the CBX ignition troubleshooting booklet takes the reader step by step through finding the cause for a no-spark condition. It begins with very important voltage checks, then proceeds through a simple yet conclusive three-step technique for accurately pinpointing the cause of the trouble. Also included are line drawings for better understanding, making this booklet a valuable aid for ignition system maintenance.

Any or all of these booklets can be yours for just $29.95 each plus $4.05 for USPS Priority Mail for domestic shipping. Much slower and slightly less expensive Media Rate shipping also available on request, but it is not recommended. PayPal, check, postal money order, your choice. To PayPal, simply log onto that service and use the Send Money button, Quasi Cash, and my email, mikenixon@earthlink.net. Discounts are available for multiple purchases. Click on the logo at the top of this story or click >HERE to go to Mike's website where you'll find more helpful old bike tech.

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