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June 24th-28th 2009 Cumming, Georgia, USA

30th Anniversary
Hosted by

Louis Mintrone from WWW.USEDCBXPARTS.COM

This will be one of the largest, if not THE largest Honda CBX rally ever put together. This rally is not associated with any clubs. This is a rally for all CBX owners from all over the world to come together for a great event and meet old friends and make new ones. We are expecting over 60+ people from overseas to attend this event, and we are hoping for over 150+ people from the USA and Canada. The location of the rally will be in Cumming, Georgia. We picked this site for 3 reasons, Bill has some of the best riding places in the area, he has offered to do it at his place and it is near Atlanta International airport. There will be no problem getting you guys from the airport to the rally site too. The rally site is about 20 minutes from one of the best places to ride motorcycles in the USA. Bill will show us some of his favorite back roads that he's found living in that area for most of his life. I personally have ridden there many times and it is great riding.

We will ride in The northern Georgia Mountains, North Carolina mountains and to name some places you might have heard of, the Dragons Tail, Cherohala Skyway, 129 scenic hwy, NC hwy 28, Bald Mountain, Blue Ridge Parkway and many more unknown roads. Also Bills place is about 2 hours from Barbers Motorcycle Museum. We arranged for our group to stay at the Comfort Suites of Cumming (phone # 770-889-4141) When you make reservations tell them it will be for the MOTORCYCLE RALLY and they will give you the rate of $89.00 per night per room. There are 77 rooms at this hotel and if we need more there is another hotel next door. The hotel has a pool as well as many other amenities. They say that they serve a free, healthy breakfast.

The rally site will be at Bills house. He has about 5 acres and has hosted many get together's there. The hotel is about a mile from his place. There are plenty of restaurants within walking/riding distance from the hotel. On Friday and Saturday night we will have catered dinners. As far as we know now, these will be an all you can eat southern type BBQ and each night will be different food. We will have a large tent set up with chairs during the rally dates. We want to make this a riding rally and come back in the evenings to share our events at Bills place. We are also going to be raffling off at least one CBX for this event and we will have many CBX parts to raffle off as well. All proceeds from the raffles and the rally will go to Toys for Tots. We are also working with other clubs around the world and trying to get them to donate CBX T- shirts from their clubs as well.

We have not come up with a price yet for this rally, we think it will be around $50.00 and this will include the catered food. We are also asking any CBX owners who are coming to this rally and have extra bikes, to please bring what they can so that our far away CBXers can use their bikes. You can get in touch with me at usedcbxparts@hotmail.com. So far I have about 17 extra bikes that others have loaned our overseas friends for this event. We will need lots more. I will let you know ahead of time who needs your bike and you and him/her can email each other. Just another way of knowing a fellow CBXer. I also have set up a trucking company that will haul your bikes from the west coast to this rally and wait there until the rally is over and then bring your bikes back. He will do this for $650.00 round trip. I have used Larry from B and B (phone # 209-495-3729) over the years with never a single problem. He said he will do this if he gets a minimum of 25 bikes. He also said he will still do it for the $650.00 if there is only 1 bike, but he will not wait there at the rally site. He will just pick it up when he is going back. Larry also said that he can have about 4 pick up places in CA to get all the bikes. Larry has set aside the dates for this rally to do this for us. $650.00 is a very good price for round trip.

I am working with two companies in the Atlanta area that rent bikes if you do not want to borrow someone else's. We are trying to get a shipping company to ship all the owners bikes that want to attend from the UK area as well. I will email the UK Riders club when I have all that info. I have set up something for our Iceland friends to get their bikes here as well. I think that most of them will borrow someone else's bike due to the cost.

We have made arrangements for you to rent a bike if you choose to do so. This will guarantee you will have a bike to ride for the rally due to the tremendous response we have received for the rally.

A limited number of bikes are available so call early for reservations! They will pick you up at the airport for NO CHARGE.

Visit Eaglerider.com for more information or You can call 404-675-2990 EST ask for JJ

Please make reservations as soon as possible as this will help us hold the entire hotel and also help the caterer with a head count for food. We know for a fact at this time that guys from Norway, Iceland, Australia, Canada, and the UK are coming. For the guys in the USA, lets make this the best CBX rally ever and show our fellow CBXers from other countries how a rally in the USA works. I have personally been to a rally in the UK and Iceland and those guys know how to have a heck of a great time. Good riding and great hospitality, it's our turn to show them the same great time if not better! If you have any questions please email me at

Contact information: Louis usedcbxparts@hotmail.com 352-522-0030 EST� or Bill sales@timscbx.com 770-475-5550 EST.

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