2005 CBX Southern California Rally
Date: Sunday, October 09 @ 16:33:12 EDT
Topic: Rally News

We have just finalized a ralley date (thank you George) for our So. Cal. meet - November 6, 2005 at the Santa Paula Airport. George is trying to get one of his friends in the news dept. to come out and do a "special interest" story on our group (thank you, again George!)

It is the airport's 75th anniversary, plus an airport wide open house. All CBX's will have free entry and be allowed to park as a group on the airport tarmac.

all non CBX's and any friends are welcome, but must park in the parking lot. no big deal this is not LAX ...

Ridge Pridmore and many others have motorcycle & auto displays here. We will gather at my house (Camarillo, CA) for coffee & donuts. Head out about 9AM for a ride up Hwy33 to Ojai - to Hwy 150 into Santa Paula the "back way". We are still trying to gain the use a hanger to gather at and have our traditional deep fried turkey expertly prepared by Glenn Hille. (it's worth coming just for the turkey - ask anyone who has been there before ...)

Sorry for this LATE notification, but the PR person at the airport has been on vacation for the last three weeks ...

Due to this late notification, please network with others and invite your riding friends
Please RSVP so we can get a handle on the eats ....

Darrell Peck
(805) 388-3331 cell

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