Donndelinger Racing and Development Deep sump kits are now available
Date: Saturday, October 15 @ 16:51:16 EDT
Topic: Technical

Mike Donndelinger, of Team T-X fame and currently head of Donndelinger R & D, has made up some of the deep sump kits for the CBX engine. I'm currently using one on my own turbo CBX and it works great! It adds approximately .5 qt. of oil to the capacity---fairly close to 6 qts. or so with stock oil cooler, and bolts up like a factory part,only better......!!

The kit includes a CNC machined extension for the sump and oil pickup, extra gaskets for sump spacer and sump pickup extension, and all necessary hardware to install plus instructions. Mike will offer a new NOS Honda pump pickup screen for $18.75 each(highly recommended on bikes/engines that are over 8 yrs. old and/or have high miles)for sale with kit only. See pics below:

Initial testing of the sump kit on my own turbo CBX showed oil pressure to be more stable under hard acceleration and braking, and the extra capacity always helps with these big air-cooled engines. No leaks anywhere even in 115 degree heat in Lake Havasu City and lane splitting in L.A.'s infamous traffic,and an acid test to Morro Bay and back this year for the rally has ensured its reliability.

High mileage engines, engines run in hot riding conditions, or that see hard usage will benefit from this sump modification, as the extra oil capacity will provide a safety margin if your CBX uses oil.

Be advised that this will NOT work with a 6:1 pipe that goes under the sump. Stock or 6:2 headers only with this kit, also, NOT to be used on lowered bikes for obvious reasons! Here is a shot of the sump installed on my turbo '79 CBX.

Price is $399.00 USD introductory price(subsequent kits will be higher due to cost of materials for manufacturing) plus $14 shipping & handling charge to the lower 48 states. PayPal and credit card transactions add 3% to price of the kit. Also be advised that this kit carries the standard disclaimer "for off road use only".

Mike Donndelinger has been a longtime CBX owner and enthusiast,and has considerable racing experience in addition to his riding skills. He has built a chassis for the Team Tyrannosaurus-X CBX that will likely outhandle any other CBX out there and is currently working on the magic bullet(engine)for the racebike. His considerable expertise in the area of mechanical engineering and suspension setup really stands out with the quality of his work and he is currently working on his own as Donndelinger Racing & Development in the San Jose,CA area. His daily driver is a Kawie ZRX1200 with suspension mods and some seriously used sidewalls on his chicken strips here!!

Contact Mike at: to order your sump kit.You will be pleased with this product!

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