Morro Bay 2019 is on! 9/6/19 through 9/9/19
Date: Monday, September 02 @ 21:57:52 EDT
Topic: Rally News

Email from Rod Libby this afternoon. Morro Bay is happening! See email below for details.

34th Annual Morro Bay CBX Enthusiasts Gathering - 9/6 to 9/9

Rod Libby 1:29 PM (4 hours ago)

Hi All,

This year we are at a new location:

Fireside Inn 730 Morro Avenue Morro Bay, CA 805-772-2244


There are 20 rooms reserved under “Roderick Libby”. When you call the motel, you’ll need to ask for one of these rooms and reserve under your name and credit card number. There is a 72 Hour cancelation policy. Any rooms not taken by 8/23 will be canceled.

There are 7 rooms with 2 queen beds: 9/6 = $169, 9/7 = $259, 9/8 = $79 There are 5 rooms with 1 king bed: 9/6 = $149, 9/7 = $239, 9/8 = $69 There are 5 rooms with 1 king w/balcony: 9/6 = $169, 9/7 = $259, 9/8 = $79 There are 3 rooms with 1 king w/view: 9/6 = $169, 9/7 = $259, 9/8 = $79

We should be getting a 10% group discount (still negotiating).


The fee is the same as last year, $50/person, to cover refreshments, rental tables&chairs, munchies, and the Sat night catered dinner. You can mail me a check or do a PAYPAL payment to onemorecbx [at] gmail [dot] com. Please send your rally fee by Aug 1st so that I can have an accurate headcount for the caterer.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I sometimes suffer from CRS (Can’t Remember Sh#t), so if I’ve inadvertently left anyone off the list, please let me know.

Cheers, Rod Libby

There you have it, folks! Get it while it's hot! I'm in! Cool

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